Friday, October 15, 2010


I have to thank my sister for finding this one :) Throughout the year I have contributed to fundraising for Huntington’s Disease (HD) by running the Himalayan 100 mile stage race. My sister raises funds for this horrible disease and along the way we have met AMAZING individuals who are unfortunate to be some way affected by HD. After receiving a call from my sister who was at a yearly convention for HD I decided to sign up for Bulldog 50k ultra run. Some of the individuals affected by HD told my sister about this race and suggested to her that I add it on my to-do list. I thought it was an excellent idea (looked like A LOT of fun) and shortly there after signed up.... Beginning at 6:30 AM at Malibu Creek State Park, 200 runners began at the blow of the horn. Slightly laughing to myself as the course started off pretty flat, I figured this 50k would be the easiest race yet. Shortly thereafter I began to climb heavy fire road hills for over 5 miles straight. Once reaching the top of Bulldog mountain I was faced with rolling to heavy hill climbing for the remainder of the half way point. At 15 miles I was making excellent timing (2.5 hours). I called my supporting mom and told her I would see her in 2.5 hours. Well, by 9 am temperatures began to rise. With over 90 degrees, I shortly found out that the course was a double loop and that I had to repeat the same course! Ahhhh!!! I was crushed to find out that I had to run the same course twice and I especially was not looking forward to the extreme heat. My second time around was a bit more difficult. With the hot heat and heavy hill climbing I began to overheat and cramp in my legs. As I was running/walking up the monsterous hills I began to feel goose bumps all over my body. I was suddenly freezing and that was NOT a good sign since by then it was reaching over 95 degrees. Once I arrived at the aid station I immediately grabbed a sponge in the ice bucket and drenched my cloths to cool down. I consumed salt tablets to take away a bit of the cramping in my legs which eventually kicked in. At mile 28 I was exhausted but pushed myself to complete the last 3.5 miles. I ate a couple of orange slices, drank some electrolyte beverage and pushed myself off of the bench chair to complete the race. Finally 6 hours and 11 minutes later and after eating 5 really warm Gu’s I completed the finish line. Heewww.... What ever you do... don’t let a 50k trick you! That run kicked my butt!